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The Spanish–American War was a conflict between the Kingdom of Spain and the United States of America that took place from April to August 1898. The war was mainly caused by American demands that Spain peacefully resolve the Cuban fight for independence, which Spain was unable to do. Riots in Havana by rowdy pro-Spanish "Voluntarios" gave the United States a reason to send in the warship USS Maine to indicate high national interest. Tension among the American people was raised because of the explosion of the USS Maine, and "yellow journalism" that accused Spain of extensive atrocities. The war ended after quick, decisive naval and military victories for the United States in the Philippines and Cuba. Only 109 days after the outbreak of war, the Treaty of Paris, which ended the conflict, gave the United States ownership of the former Spanish colonies of Puerto Rico, the Philippines and Guam. The U.S. took control of Cuba, ended the insurrection, expelled the Spanish and granted independence there in 1902.

This Spanish – American War consists of:

•Tales of Aztlan; the Romance of a Hero of our Late Spanish-American War, Incidents of Interest from the Life of a western Pioneer and Other Tales by George (Henry George August) Hartmann (1852-1934).
•"Forward, March." A Tale of the Spanish-American War by Kirk Munroe (1850-1930).
•The Cruise of the Thetis; A Tale of the Cuban Insurrection by Harry Collingwood.
•Notes of a War Correspondent by Richard Harding Davis (1864-1916)
"The Cuban-Spanish War."
•History of Negro Soldiers in the Spanish-American War, and Other Items of Interest by Edward A. Johnson.
•Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents. William McKinley, Messages, Proclamations, and Executive Orders Relating to the Spanish-American War by William McKinley (1843-1901).
•History of the Gatling Gun Detachment by John Henry Parker.
•Cuba, Old and New by Albert G. (Albert Gardner) Robinson (1855-1932).
•History of the American Negro in the Great World War; His Splendid Record in the Battle Zones of Europe; Including a Resume of His Past Services to his Country in the Wars of the Revolution, of 1812, the War of Rebellion, the Indian Wars on the Frontier, the Spanish-American War, and the Late Imbroglio With Mexico by William Allison Sweeney.
•Our War with Spain for Cuba's Freedom by Trumbull White (1868-1941).

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