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The Dealio
Genre: Food & Drink
Release Date: February 3, 2015

The Dealio is an app that was started to help make the daily question of “what should I eat” just a little easier. We like to eat out, we like a variety and, most importantly, we like a good deal.

Currently the only cities we target are Rexburg, Idaho Falls, Logan and some surrounding areas.

This app is targeted for:
The indecisive eaters. If it takes you and your co-workers 30 minutes to decide where to eat that day this could be a great productivity booster for your company.

The adventurous eaters. South East Idaho has hundreds of restaurants. Each one has something they do especially well.

The “that’s a pretty good deal” eaters. Always eating the same $.79 pastry for lunch to save a buck can wear on you. Treat yourself to something new, and know you’re getting a bargain.

We don’t bother with coupons, printers or credit cards. We just have 1 deal a day. If you like it, go down and tell the restaurant, “I want The Dealio!”
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