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Gary Smith - Spoons Card Game artwork Spoons Card Game
Gary Smith
Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: December 15, 2012

Play the classic Spoons card game on your phone or tablet.

Suitable for all ages: easy for everyone to understand and play.

Deck options: play with classic cards, or cards with animals, colors or scenery.

Difficulty levels: the speed of your opponents can be slowed down for young children.

Game length: play for different objects – hat, cork, spoon, etc for a quick or full length game.

No ads, no in-app purchases.

How to play Spoons: Spoons is like musical chairs but played with cards. Instead of waiting for the music to stop, players wait till one of them get four matching cards. That player grabs a spoon and then the other players try to get one of the remaining spoons. The player who misses out on a spoon gets a letter, and another round is played. When a player has enough letters to spell the name of the spoon, she is eliminated. The last remaining player is the winner.
© © Gary Smith

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