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This two-way age split will allow me to discern any linguistic change that might be occurring in Martinique French in apparent time. It thus allows researchers to use synchronic data from differing age cohorts as a proxy for real-time historical data. These potential sites of difference can interact in four main ways as the apparent-time patterns presented in Table 2. Apparent-time patterns of linguistic change from Labov Seeking oral bb Martinique other words, no linguistic change is taking place.

The pre- ponderance for stable variables is not unsurprising, as most features of a language are not involved in on-going change at a given period of time Sankoff Methodology dating vietnamese culture tus over the course of their lifespan. If the frequency of a variant changes when new speakers enter a speech com- munity, and the linguistic habitus of the speakers remains stable across their lifespan, the third scenario, generational change, is the most likely interpretation.

This change in progress eventually leads to a linguistic change if repeated across successive generations. Blondeauidentifies a real-time change in the pronominal system of Laurentian French, in which the compound plural personal pronouns with —autres are being replaced with their simple counterparts, e.

Finally, in case four, all individuals within the speech community alter their linguistic habitus concurrently. This is known as communal change.

Research indicates that the most likely interpretation would be generational change: Bailey has shown that panel and trend studies often confirm predictions of gen- erational change made in apparent time see Buchstaller As such, one drawback to using apparent-time data in the present study is that it is not possible to conclusively differentiate between a case of age grading and a change in pro- gress.

Although the apparent-time construct has been used successfully as a sur- rogate for real-time data Sankoffit is only with the latter that these two synchronic interpretations can be conclusively disambiguated. However, a trend study involves comparing speech from different members of the same community at different points in time, whereas the informants are held constant in a panel study.

Methodology 36 2. Gautier notes that the wider Martinique society is characterized by a profound disparity between men and women: Men, seeking oral bb Martinique instance, have a strong upward mobility while the social trajec- tory of women tends to be downward. To examine whether the linguistic habitus of my Martinique informants differs according to speaker sex, I included 13 men and 19 women in my final speaker sample. Although Martinique is an institutionally integrated part of France, such classifications reveal very little about the local stratification system when applied to seeking oral bb Martinique Lesser Antillean context see also Rickford Methodology 37 three principal strata: The stratifica- tion of society on the basis of racial differentiation was borne out seeking oral bb Martinique the condi- tions in which Martinique society was first formed which I have described previ- ously in Section 2.

The demands of the slave industry created a situation in which white colonists of European origin occupied the upper echelons of the so- cial spectrum, while the black slaves of West African descent were situated at the bottom of the social class hierarchy.

Intermarriage between these two groups re- sulted in the formation of a mulatto class. These freemen occupied an intermedi- ary position as small farmers or shopkeepers, for example see Armand a. The use of race as the sole indicator of social position is therefore problematic. These have often been calcu- lated by using a scale constructed from a number of different metrics, such as in- come and type of housing. In the present study, I did not adopt a similar approach for four main reasons.

I Am Wants Nsa Seeking oral bb Martinique

Firstly, it was not possible to assign a social class to my younger informants, as they were still in Matrinique education and did not have an occupation.

Methodology 38 their parents. Seeking oral bb Martinique, nearly half of my younger speakers reported being from single-parent families: They all lived with their mothers, who tended to be unem- ployed and often lived in precarious circumstances. I seeking oral bb Martinique chose to focus on the educational attainment of my informants as a marker of their socioeconomic standing.

I therefore cod- 17 Over half of homes Martiniquee by single mothers and their offspring lack running water, a bathroom or a toilet Gautier The rate of girl line id parent families in Martinique is three times higher than in mainland France.

Methodology 39 ed all my informants seeking oral bb Martinique their highest level of education. The older participants seeking oral bb Martinique relatively evenly stratified according to the educa- tional level no qualifications: My younger subjects are, by contrast, automatically classified as having no quali- fications since they were yet to successfully graduate seeking oral bb Martinique the secondary school system as they were still receiving secondary education at the time of recording.

With this in mind, I was also able to use scholastic performance as a proxy for educational as- piration see Chapter 4 Section 4. The sociolinguistic situation in Martinique is often characterized as diglos- sic Ferguson Methodology 40 conversation amongst friends and family, whereas Standard French is taught in schools and is used in more formal, public situations Chaudenson Recent empirical research on present-day language use in Guadeloupe, the other French DROM located in the Lesser Antilles, reveals that the use Martiniuqe the lo- cal Creole variety has become highly restricted.

All of my participants spoke the regional variety of French and the local French-lexifier Creole to varying degrees of competency. Methodology 41 tion. However, Dollinger orall that self-reported question- naires can, in fact, provide reliable data for sociolinguistic research see seeking oral bb Martinique Bai- ley et al. For instance, more restricted speakers display a tendency seeking oral bb Martinique prefer morphologically simple forms: In their study of irregular 3PL verbs e.

Methodology 42 Are english girls hot, research orql illustrated that speakers in the restricted cohort tend to limit their use of informal variants. On the basis of their different life Martiniqu, I jacksonville white pages florida two separate surveys for my younger speakers and older participants, respectively, which are available in Appendix D.

The questions focused on language use in a variety of communi- cative settings e. They also as- sessed the direction of the exchange informant to interlocutor or interlocutor to informant. I subsequently scored each response from zero to three depending on whether the participants spoke, or were spoken to, always in Creole 0mostly in Creole 1mostly in French 2always in French 3.

Each question was equally weighted, regardless of the setting, interlocutor s or directionality. A mean index score was then calculated for each seeking oral bb Martinique ranging from zero i.

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Traditionally, Mougeon and collaborators have classified speakers into one of three groupings on the basis of their language restriction score: Methodology 43 els of restriction 0. The data in Tables 2. There are no restricted speakers, 17 semi-restricted informants and 15 unrestricted subjects. During the data collection pe- riod, I adhered seeking oral bb Martinique a standard fieldwork protocol to ensure that ethical guidelines seeking oral bb Martinique met at all times. This included the following considerations: Firstly, poten- tial participants were informed of the general aims of my research project, includ- 20 In-depth discussions of the ethical issues to consider when carrying out linguistic fieldwork are available in Johnson Methodology 44 ing the fact that our exchange would be audio recorded before the actual recording started.

The reason they were given was that I was investigating the everyday lives of people living in Martinique and the social, cultural and linguistic changes that have taken place on the island in recent years. With such information, the investigation of the use of socially marked features might have been compromised as future participants could have monitored their use of certain linguistic variants during the interview.

All of my participants were asked to read a detailed Information Sheet, which is available in Appendix A. This document contains the following information: Methodology 45 document explicitly outlines the terms and conditions of participation.

I asked my informants to complete and sign two copies of this form, one of which they could keep for future reference. I provided them with a cover letter from my university and a letter of recommendation from my supervisors. In return, I was issued with a convention de stage, an official letter confirming that I could con- duct my research and volunteer in the schools.

All participants received a general verbal debriefing once seeking oral bb Martinique interview had been conducted to let them know that their speech was no longer being recorded. It was at this point that my informants were given the choice to leave, continue being part of the project or indicate if there were any parts of the recording that they wanted me to erase.

All the sound recordings were subsequently anonymised, encrypted and stored on my latin women eating pussy, two external hard drives and a secure serv- er at Newcastle University.

This data collection method was particularly well suited to meet the demands of conducting fieldwork, as it allowed me to collect large amounts of high-quality speech data in a relatively short space of time see Schilling-Estes My informants were also informed that the interview would be conducted in French. This is because speakers modify their speech according to a variety of fac- tors, such as their relationship with their interlocutors, the situational setting and 21 Seeking oral bb Martinique types of data collection are also used in sociolinguistics see Johnstone ; Feagin These include written questionnaires Coveney ; Carruthersrapid anonymous surveys Labov b seeking oral bb Martinique participant observation Eckert seeking oral bb Martinique Indeed, Labov My in- formants felt more at ease in seeking oral bb Martinique presence of a friend or a family member and, in most cases, they engaged in lengthy conversations with each.

Nev- ertheless, the data collected for the present study can only ever be horny cougars in Hawel as an approximation of the everyday vernacular in the speech community due to my continued black guy gets fucked in the interview room.

seeking oral bb Martinique Each interview lasts for approximately one hour. The seeking oral bb Martinique therefore com- prises roughly 16 hours of speech data from 32 informants. The recordings were made in. An omnidirectional tabletop microphone was used and the re- cording level was remotely adjusted Marinique regular intervals to ensure that the sound quality was as good as possible.

Such modifications, however, were not possible in my study due to practical reasons. Methodology 48 The interview schedules devised for the present study are available in Appen- dix C.

Seeking oral bb Martinique

The questions I asked my participants were based on the bg, or topic areas, found in a traditional sociolinguistic interview Labov b, cf. The questions what is lesbian in spanish cused on a wide variety of themes, including seeking oral bb Martinique life, schooling, seekingg, childhood memories, future plans, local customs and festivals, religion and lan- guage use. The questions in each module were furthermore not ordered randomly.

Instead, they were arranged to flow naturally from one to another: They pro- gressed from general, non-specific questions to more personal, specific Martnique. If the participants showed an interest in a particular topic, I encouraged them to keep seeking oral bb Martinique. If not, I moved on to the next set of questions until I found something that they enjoyed discussing.

Each interview schedule was tailored to older and younger audiences.

Indeed, it quickly became apparent that each age cohort would respond more favourably to certain types of topic: Methodology 49 hough this line of questioning has been viewed as problematic in some communi- ties cf. Daleszynska In my interviews, this type of questioning was housewives wants casual sex NY Bayside 11360 to focus on natural disasters.

This approach proved highly successful in triggering anecdotes related to various earthquakes, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions to hit the island in recent times. At the end of each recording, my informants completed the demographic in- formation sheet and the language-restriction questionnaire previously described.

The former provided basic demographic information about seeking oral bb Martinique subjects that did not arise during the interview, such as their family history. The file headers appear at the very begin- 23 Such information did indeed prove to be useful when interpreting my results see, for ex- ample, Chapter 4 Section 4. Methodology 50 ning of the file, an example of which is given in Figure 2.

They encode basic information about the recording and are each introduced by the sign. The ID lines provide the basic social infor- mation about the speakers, while the location of the seeking oral bb Martinique is detailed in Location. Any general observations or impressions I had previously document- ed as hand-written fieldwork notes are given sdeking Comments.

The two-letter code in the Transcriber header identifies the name of the transcriber and check- er. Begin Languages: Interview conducted around the dining table on the terrace at the Perrault's house in Morne-aux-Boeufs, Le Marttinique Seeking oral bb Martinique Comment: None Transcriber: An example file header taken from Interview The main and dependent tiers are illustrated with an excerpt from Interview 15 in Figure 2. Each turn is introduced by an asterisk seeking oral bb Martinique is followed by sexymuscle girl 25 The transcription excerpt has been translated to facilitate comprehension.

No such transla- tions exist in the CLAN transcription files. Methodology 51 speaker ID, a colon and a tabbed space. Figure 2. An example of main and dependent tiers taken from Interview The first pass of each sound file was transcribed by myself or one of five native speakers of French.

Methodology 52 data. To plain city OH adult personals data analysis, all transcripts were time- aligned with the corresponding audio files in a converted. Quantitative Variationist Methods I now outline the analytical steps I undertook to examine grammatical variability in my Martinique corpus. I focus on data extraction, data coding and the specifics of quantitatively analysing and modelling sociolinguistic data. Only once seeking oral bb Martinique instances have been identified and removed from the data pool will the remaining tokens respond well to quanti- tative analysis Coveney Nevertheless, for all variables under investigation in seeking oral bb Martinique present 26 See also http: Methodology 53 study, a number of tokens were excluded in keeping with best practice in the analysis of spontaneous speech see Tagliamonte Firstly, all in- stances that involved potential Marttinique by the interviewer were removed, as in example 1.

It was therefore important to remove any to- ken that may seeiing been selected due to the influence of the researcher. Vous allez rester en Martinique? Moi je vais rester en Martinique. To this end, the only occurrences of the variants under examination that were retained for further analysis were those pro- duced by the informants themselves. Tokens realised in this category must be discarded since these constructions are also imitative Tagliamonte lral Incomplete utterances, due to either an interruption 4 or the speakers trailing off 5 were likewise excluded.

Following Buchstaller Seeking oral bb Martinique the accurate delimitation of the variable context, it is therefore necessary to formulate hypotheses concern- ing the constraints which may govern variant Msrtinique.

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Importantly, these postu- lates must be grounded in the seeking oral bb Martinique research literature and may relate to the linguistic environment or extralinguistic factors, such as speaker seeking oral bb Martinique, sex or edu- cational level see Section 2.

In the present study, the coding schemata represent a series of hypotheses regarding the factors that might govern the choice of competing variants in Martinique French. For instance, in Chapter 5, it is hypothesised that the temporal distance between the speech act and the future eventuality, as well as the certainty of outcome, constrain how speakers encode future time in spoken French see also Chapter 1 Section 3.

Methodology 57 bles. In any analysis, they must be orthogonal Guyor independent from each other, and comprise at least two factor levels which may provide a favouring or a disfavouring environment for variant selection. I outline the coding protocol for all three variables under investigation in Sections seeking oral bb Martinique. I calculate the relative frequency of indi- vidual variants in proportion to the total number of potential occurrences see Sec- tions 4. In seeking oral bb Martinique, variant frequency is calculated by di- viding the raw token count of a variant by the total number hot chicks in New Windsor potential occurrenc- es, i.

To ensure maximal comparability with previous and future research, I follow standard variationist methodology and report both the raw empirical data as well as the normalised results Macaulay To determine which linguistic and social constraints significantly contribute to variant choice and to uncover the seeking oral bb Martinique grammar that underpins the choice of variant forms, the data are seeking oral bb Martinique to statistical analyses see Sections 4.

Seeking oral bb Martinique varia- tionist methodology therefore advocates examining all factor groups simultane- ously, instead of carrying out a factor-by-factor analysis and treating individual constraints in isolation Bayley ; Paolillo ; Tagliamonte Methodology 58 Seeking oral bb Martinique this end, I use the standard statistical tool in variationist research, namely fixed-effects multiple logistic regression.

The main functions of Rbrul are the same as GoldVarb: However, the Rbrul program adult dating CA Oakland 94610 a number of advantages for data analysis Johnson For instance, unlike GoldVarb, it can handle continuous variables.

As such, the language restriction predictor variable in the present study see Section 2. Traditional fixed-effects models cannot account for speaker-level and word-level variation.

In other words, 30 Recently, newer statistical techniques are being used for sociolinguistic data analysis, such as Random Forests and Conditional Inference Trees Tagliamonte The treatment of age as a continuous variable would thus be artificial and mask a binary condition. Methodology 59 they assume that there is no variation above the level of the token. Mixed models, on the other hand, are capable of taking random effects, such as individual speaker and word-level variation into account.

This approach to data analysis is of particular relevance to the present study as high levels of interspeaker variability have previously been reported in the speech of individuals living in island communities Schreier Importantly, I assess the effect of linguistic and social factors separately see discussion in Mey- erhoff b.

This analytical step reduces the possibility of Type II errors, i. Rbrul failing to identify an effect that does exist Johnson For instance, a fixed effect, such as preceding phonological context, would have identical factor levels in a replication study of the same speech community.

However, individual speaker is considered a random effect, as a new random sample of the population would yield a completely different set of speakers see Johnson Methodology 60 Example of an Rbrul analysis results table. Each table presents the total number of tokens per cell see Tokens in Table 2. In all of the multivariate tables, I also detail the deviance, the degrees of freedom dfthe intercept and the grand mean.

The deviance is a quantitative measure of how well the model fits the data. In other words, it assesses the extent to which the actual data deviate from the predictions of the model: Methodology 61 line for the model and can be combined with log-odds to calculate a specific pre- diction that the model would make Johnson The grand mean indicates the overall frequency of that response variable in the data.

Finally, I give the Nagelkerke R2 value for the fixed-effects models, which is used to gauge the proportion of the variation in the data that is explained by the model.

The impact of a particular factor on the application value is presented as a re- gression coefficient. In Rbrul, these are expressed as both a log-odd and a cen- tred weighted probability or factor weight.

In general, a positive log-odd indicates a favouring effect, a negative log-odd is a disfavouring effect and a value of 0 indicates a neutralizing effect. In contrast, weight probabilities are measured on a scale from 0 to 1: A fac- tor weight greater than 0. In these cases, seeking oral bb Martinique predictor variable is not a factor group and therefore cannot be assigned a corresponding factor weight.

These coefficients are affected by the size of the cell they represent. Given the unbalanced nature of so- ciolinguistic data, Rbrul automatically centers all factor weights when they are converted from log-odds Johnson p. Asian girl sec is the seeking oral bb Martinique position of a fac- tor in the constraint ranking that is more important than the actual factor weight cf.

These are: Concerning statistical significance, oraal factor seeking oral bb Martinique dis- played in Table 2. The range, also known as the magnitude of effect, is the value which indicates the relative strength of a factor xclusive ladies bondi junction and situates it with respect to the other predictor variables: Finally, the constraint hierarchy is the ordering of the gold coast klang massage in a factor group from the most to the least favouring con- text.

These three results will be used to establish and seeking oral bb Martinique the constraint systems underpinning the variability in the morphosyntax of Martinique French speakers. They will be further discussed in relation to each variable under study in the forthcoming chapters and will allow us to triangulate the use of variants in Marti- nique with previously studied French speech communities located in Canada and Europe.

See also Meyerhoff a for a discussion of the use of the comparative framework in the context of lan- guage contact. Methodology 63 4. Conclusion This chapter discussed the seekint framework and methodological approach used in the present study to investigate grammatical variation in Martinique French. I detailed the corpus of spoken Martinique that will serve as the primary data source for the forthcoming chapters.

I also presented the quantitative methods employed to examine linguistic variability in the data. The next three chapters of- fer quantitative analyses of three morphosyntactic variables: Introduction This chapter presents a quantitative variationist investigation of subject doubling henceforth SD. As introduced in Chapter 1 Section 3. Indeed, both sequences comprise massage envy westminster reviews subject NP and a co-referential subject pronoun occurring pre-verbally.

Chapter Three: In contrast to SD, a find Hulls cove dislocated subject is argued to be separated from the verb by a pause, bear con- trastive or emphatic stress, and is supposedly unable to undergo liaison.

Indeed, speakers may pause or omit liaison for a reason other than differentiating between a dislo- cated seeking oral bb Martinique a doubled subject. Coding for such a distinction on this basis of prosody is therefore unreliable. Similarly, Sankoff With this in mind, Weeking therefore follow the practice of the ma- jority of previous empirical work examining this variable cf.

Firstly, what is the overall rate of SD in spoken Seeking oral bb Martinique French? Secondly, which linguistic orap social factors govern SD in this regional variety? Thirdly, to what extent do the 3 Liaison is the pronunciation before a vowel-initial syllable of a word-final consonant that would not be realised in other phonetic environments, such as before a consonant or a pause.

Liai- son can Martiniuqe impossible e. Armstrong See also Battye, Hintze and Rowlett The Doubling of Subject NPs 67 results corroborate the findings reported in the existing French variationist litera- ture on this particular sociolinguistic variable? The chapter is structured as fol- lows: In Section 2, I review the quantitative sociolinguistic literature on the use of SD constructions in French.

Section 3 outlines the methodology adopted in the present study. Section 4 is devoted to a quantitative analysis of my results and is followed by a conclusion summarising the chapter seeking oral bb Martinique a.

The Doubling of Subject NPs 68 the evolution of the variable context; iii the overall rate of SD and iv seeking oral bb Martinique sig- nificant linguistic and social variables influencing variant selection. Their quantitative investigation reveals that subject doubling does not occur in this particular Acadian speech community. On the other hand, Beaulieu and Balcom They sedking not, however, present any quantitative evidence to support this claim.

By contrast, all Laurentian varieties studied thus far have reported instances of SD in speech. Seeking oral bb Martiniqueadult massage in york the first to quantitatively examine the linguistic and social constraints governing SD-use in French. In seeking oral bb Martinique to prior research, Nadasdi The Doubling of Subject NPs 69 Multivariate analyses furthermore reveal that a range of linguistic and social fac- tors influence variant choice in Ontarian French.

Firstly, the type of subject tops the constraint system, with a range of Similarly, the specificity and definiteness of the subject NP are shown to have a robust effect on variant selection. Nadasdi Moreover, any ele- ment intervening between the subject and the verb has a favouring effect on SD- use. This relationship is interpreted as evidence for a processing constraint: Section 3. The Doubling of Subject NPs 70 doubling increases when the subject is separated from the verb Nadasdi Concerning the extralinguistic constraints, two social factors were selected as significant in the GoldVarb analysis: A negative correlation is also detected between increasing rates of SD and so- cial class Nadasdi However, this clear-cut stratification only holds for the French-majority town of Hawkesbury.

This finding leads Nadasdi This Martinlque be because, unlike Hawkesbury, English is the more dominant language in these three communities.

Auger and Villeneuve conducted a more recent apparent-time study on variable usage in Saguenay. The data were extracted from a corpus of 18 one-on-one sociolinguistic interviews recorded between and Paradis Seeking oral bb Martinique authors furthermore highlight the importance of considering individual speaker and verb type in accounts bv SD variation.

Their findings reveal a high incidence of inter-speaker variability: A gb classification of the subject NP reveals that longer, more complex NPs, such as those with more than one complement or a relative clause, consistently favour subject doubling. A link between SD and the type of verb is also established. This horny women Spartanburg ing might also seeking oral bb Martinique that frequency plays a role in variant choice: Distributional analysis suggests that the doubling of subject NPs occurs at a rate of In this suburb, speakers display near-categorical levels of the phenomenon Seeking oral bb Martinique larger, more sociolinguistically balanced speech sample would be required, however, to shed further light on the frequency of SD in Hexagonal French.

Instead, for each factor, he gives both the number and the percentage of speakers whose SD rate is higher seeking oral bb Martinique the corpus average. Furthermore, professionals double subject NPs much more frequently than administrators. The use of SD is similarly limited in the speech of the student informants. This seeking oral bb Martinique for teachers and stu- dents might indicate that the education system plays Mqrtinique role in variant choice, as it could promulgate the standard form.

Finally, with respect to speaker age, the highest users of SD are those belonging to the middle-aged bracket 30—59 years old. The older and younger speakers actually pattern alike, with relatively low rates of SD. This age-related distribution is interesting as use of non-standard SD feature peaks during adulthood. The pattern is therefore the inverse of what would be expected for a traditional age-graded variable see Bailey However, bg age-related conservatism for the oldest and youngest Martimique might be due to lifespan change for the older speakers and an attempt by the younger dating in donegal ireland ants to be accepted seeking oral bb Martinique the social elite see Ashby Coveneyinvestigates SD in his Picardy Corpus cf.

Coveney Results reveal an overall SD rate of Two social factors are shown to condition variant frequency levels in Picard French: The rate seeking oral bb Martinique SD amongst the younger cohort of speakers 17—22 years old: Notably, this age distribution is the opposite seeking oral bb Martinique the findings for Paris cf. Ashby These differing results might indicate that a different social Mrtinique is attached to SD constructions in both locali- ties.

For both varia- bles, Seeking oral bb Martinique There is, however, currently no real-time evidence to support or refute this apparent-time interpretation.

Working class informants employ SD constructions much more frequently The change in inter- view location resulted in a notable style-shift by the individual. Martiinque date, no real-time study has tracked the evolution of SD in any variety of French.

This kral based on only one individual—might therefore indi- cate that speakers are sensitive to the socio-stylistic function of SD in speech. Quantitative examination reveals that bilingualism influences the level of SD in French to a significant degree. This finding is somewhat unexpected: However, Villeneuve and Auger They therefore posit that these speakers might actually use SD when they speak French to highlight and mark their Picard identi- ty to monolingual French interlocutors cf.

However, no dis- tinction is made between doubled and left-dislocated subjects, as Zahler p. Additionally, she excludes the strong feminine pronouns elle s from the variable context because both 3SG elle and 3PL elles are homophonous with their weak clitic counterparts, i.

GoldVarb models select sentential polarity as the strongest linguistic factor group governing variant choice. Zahler operationalises seeking oral bb Martinique as a ternary factor group consisting of affirmative tokens, negative contexts with the negative particle ne omitted and negative con- texts with the seeking oral bb Martinique particle retained i.

Importantly, Hexagonal French differs from its Canadian counterpart in that semantic factors, such as the definiteness and the specificity of the subject NP, are not operative in mainland Europe.

Both factor groups have fuck me with my 9 inch dildo been shown to govern Martiniqye choice in previous Canadian research. Speaker age is identified as the strongest social determinant of variant choice, with a range of Seeking oral bb Martinique, this result is a reversal of the trend reported in previous work on Hexagonal French Ashby ; Coveney How- ever, further examination reveals teen sex foursome important interaction effect between speaker age and sex.

Although the envelope of variation is not defined Martknique exactly the same way in every study, the same set of linguistic factors govern subject doubling across all Canadian and Hexagonal studies. The main difference between Canadian and European French relates to the defi- niteness and specificity of the subject NP see also Section 3. These con- straints seeking oral bb Martinique consistently been shown to influence variant choice Maftinique varieties of Canadian speech but do not appear to play a role in European French, though there is currently a lack of research examining this feature in the latter varieties.

Martiniquf This section has two seeking oral bb Martinique goals. Firstly, in Section 3. In Sections 3. The Martjnique of Subject NPs 79 3. I excluded a number of tokens falling outside the enve- lope of variation in line with the protocol first outlined in Women for women paoli This procedure for delimiting the variable context has also been replicated in more recent work cf.

I first removed tokens containing a post-verbal subject from the data pool, as in 10 and Such occurrences are instances of right dislocation, where the nominal subject appears post-verbally and yields the subject position to a clitic cataphor Ashby; Auger The clitic subject is categorically real- ised in such cases and is therefore not variable.

As a result, only those tokens con- taining pre-verbal nominal subjects were considered to be cases of SD and were retained for further examination. However, it was also necessary to exclude certain instances of SD cases from the quantitative analysis. Firstly, strong emphatic pronouns can only func- tion as stand-alone subjects i. By means of example, both third person constructions in 12 are grammatically acceptable but only the equivalent second and first person expressions that are grammatical in any variety of French are 13a and 14a re- spectively.

Each instance of the variable was subsequently coded for internal and external constraints. In order to facilitate cross-dialectal comparison, this was seeking oral bb Martinique by seeking oral bb Martinique the coding protocols developed in previous SD research cf.

The following sub- 15 This is also the case in European French but not in Laurentian varieties see Section 2. The Doubling of Subject NPs 84 sections discuss the conditioning factors included in the present quantitative seeking oral bb Martinique, wives looking sex Grace City first on the linguistic constraints seeking oral bb Martinique then on the social factor groups.

Each of these constraints has been shown to govern subject doubling in oth- er varieties of French see Section Martiniique. The following sections outline how I opera- tionalised each factor group in order to examine SD-use seeking oral bb Martinique Martinique French.

In contradistinction, proper nouns actually favour SD construc- tions. Strong pronouns and other sentential constituents Marttinique subject posi- tion are similarly reported to have a strong favouring effect on SD. Given the convergent results reported in previous odal, I coded each token 17 Zahler does not eeeking this factor group in her multivariate analysis of Parisian French. The Doubling of Subject NPs 85 for its subject type, which includes Marginique common nouns from proper nouns, strong pronouns from other indefinite pronouns, and other types of sub- ject.

Examples of different types of subject looking nice Braintree ass previously been given in Exam- ples 5 — 9.

Nadasdi reports that speakers seeking oral bb Martinique more likely to double subjects when the values for both features are positive: Seeikng and Villeneuve report similar findings. Their results, however, indicate that a small group of nouns, namely, indefinite generic subjects, respectively, strongly favour SD in spite of the fact that they are both [- definite] and [-specific].

Carroll seeking oral bb Martinique asserts that indefinite NPs can be doubled in Laurentian French. In European French, however, this constraint does not seem to govern variant choice Zahler In essence, I coded the variable token as 18 The definiteness constraint is also attested cross-linguistically. This claim of categoricity is, however, not substantiated by empirical data for any va- riety of spoken French. If this was not the case, honolulu gay clubs was deemed to be [-definite].

The [-definite] factor included all nouns that were preceded by an indefinite article 20as well as indefinite pronouns. I coded any token with an unidentifiable referent as [-specific], as in In keeping with previous variationist work examining SD-use in French, I followed Nadasdiand Martiniqque and combined both predictor variables to create a four-way interaction group.

This asser- tion has been supported by empirical data from Ontario, Canada Nadasdi The Doubling of Subject NPs 88 Consequently, in my study, occurrences of the variable were categorised Martknique ing on whether the subject was animate 23 or Martinqiue The complexity of an NP subject can be measured using a seeking oral bb Martinique of methods Rickford et al.

Both Szmerecsanyi and Shih and Grafmiller argue in favour of operationalizing NP weight as a simple word count due to the strong correlation between the various metrics see also MacKenzie I distinguished a simple subject 25 i.

In Canadian and European French, the presence of any intervening element bg the use of SD construc- tions. This favouring effect has been linked to the increase in distance between the subject and the verb phrase, which promotes the doubling of the subject clitic to re-establish a link between the subject and the verb. I also distinguished the seekinng of Martiniquw than one element 38 from the absence of any intervening unit In contrast to the presence of intervening elements see Section 3.

Morin has argued that this is because speakers display a tendency to avoid chains of multiple clitics whenever possible. I thus created a binary categorisation and coded each token of sexy muscle tits variable for the presence 40 or absence 41 of any pre-verbal non-subject clitics.

In speech, however, the negative particle ne is variably omitted and the negative meaning is marked seeking oral bb Martinique the sole use of post-verbal polarity items. The variable nature sdeking the negative particle in Martinique French, seeking oral bb Martinique me to Msrtinique polarity as a three-way constraint see Chapter 4.

The Doubling of Subject NPs 95 3. Speakers are more likely to double a subject Seekinb if the sseeking is lexical than if it is either an auxiliary or a modal. Seeking oral bb Martinique, verb frequency seems to have an effect seeking oral bb Martinique subject doubling: As Section 2 demonstrates, each of these factors has been seekig to affect the SD rates.

Seeking oral bb Martinique social factor groups are out- lined. Apparent-time work on European French, on the other hand, reveals conflicting results concerning the effect of speaker age on the frequency of subject doubling. This has led research- ers to argue that seeking oral bb Martinique synchronic patterning is indicative of both age married adult wivess cam you me and a change in progress.

This age stratification has lead Zahler to surmise that the phenomenon is, in fact, declining in spoken Parisian French. In light of the complex findings for this factor group, I decided to test whether speaker age influences SD in Martinique.

I coded Mwrtinique informants as either deeking under 19 years old or older over 39 years old. I therefore coded all the variable tokens for the sex of the speaker. To date, however, no study has focused on the role education plays in determining variant choice by speakers.

As detailed in Chapter 2 Section 2.

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Importantly, Villeneuve and Auger have demonstrated that bilingual- ism affect rates of subject doubling. However, to date, Nadasdiis the only study to examine the extent to which varying levels of restriction in French language use influence SD-frequency.

His results demonstrate that language re- striction does indeed correlate with SD-use, i. In the light seeking oral bb Martinique 25 See Chapter 2 Section 2. I now present the results of my investigation on SD in Martinique French. Results and Analysis In this seeking oral bb Martinique, I first focus on the overall frequency of SD constructions in my Martinique data and then explore its distribution according to the linguistic and social conditioning factors previously hypothesised to govern its use in Section 3.

As Figure 3. Similar usage rates are reported for Canadian French varieties: The Doubling of Subject NPs 1. Paris Zahler 2.

Picardy Coveney 3. Ontario Nadasdi 5. Distribution of SD variants from selected previous studies. However, further examination of my data reveals a number of invariable contexts. Table 3. Furthermore, my Martinique data reveals high rates of dou- seeking oral bb Martinique with strong emphatic pronouns In contrast, informants rare- ly employ SD constructions with other pronouns 4. The almost complete lack of variability in these two contexts has not been reported for any other variety of French.

In his study of Ontarian French, Nadasdi Due to the lack of variation and low token counts in the three conditions dis- cussed above, I thus chose to exclude tokens occurring in these environments from further investigation cf. Consequently, only those tokens with a proper noun or common noun subject are examined, both of which exhibit considerable variation.

In Martinique French, speakers swingers dating in Wichita Kansas subject NPs more frequently with proper nouns The same pattern is similarly found in Ontario Nadasdi Doubling is seeking oral bb Martinique permissible with a clitic personal pronoun.

Distribution of SD variants by subject type. As Table 3. Once categorical contexts are removed, speakers seeking oral bb Martinique Martinique French in my corpus double subject NPs in Distribution of SD variants in Martinique French. Sections 4.

In other words, I investigate which linguistic and social constraints govern variant selection at a statistically signifi- cant level.

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The output generated by this software allows us to identify the seeking oral bb Martinique magnitude of every factor group simultaneously within one model instead of treat- ing individual constraints in isolation. Recall that, Marinique GoldVarb Lion D. However, Rbrul also incorporates mixed-effects modelling. This effective- ly allows it to account for the fact that individual speakers may contribute differ- ent amounts seeking oral bb Martinique data as well as for the fact that informants may disfavour individu- al variants to a greater or lesser degree than a fixed-effects model would predict.

This is important, as high rates of variation between individual speakers have been previously reported in the SD literature, as sexual fun anyone noted.

Seeking oral bb Martinique

Auger and Villeneuve Simi- larly, Coveney The Doubling of Subject NPs Given the high level of inter-speaker variation and the differing token contri- seekijg per speaker, this variable is well suited to a seeking oral bb Martinique analysis.

The following two sub-sections housewives wants sex Grand Lake Stream the results of the multivariate analyses with individual speaker included as a random effect.

I do not report the outcome of any fixed-effects analyses. This approach to data analysis is due to the identical con- straint systems and hierarchies in the fixed- and mixed-effects models. I will first focus on the lin- guistic factor groups seeikng then examine the social variables. The data in the table reveal that SD constructions are more frequent when the subject NP is modified than when it is not, regardless of the type of modification.

The only seeking oral bb Martinique to this trend is when there is an apposition, which is categorically doubled.

Seeking oral bb Martinique

With this in mind, I reclassified tokens as depending on whether they had a simple 49 or a complex subject This latter category includes subjects containing a postnominal ad- jective, a postnominal modifier, a prenominal modifier, a PP complement, seekinh rela- tive clause, a coordination, an apposition or more than one modified element see Section 3. Distribution of SD variants by subject complexity. The data presented in Table 3. However, the six factors capturing the presence of an intervening element all contain too few tokens to be submitted to quantitative analysis in Rbrul.

As a result, I recoded the tokens for the presence 51 or absence 52 of any intervening element. Distribution of SD variants by the intervening element. In total, six linguistic constraints attained statisti- cal significance at the 0. I also included them as isolated factor groups in different Rbrul runs to avoid any interaction effects between these non-orthogonal variables.

In both cases, the constraints did not exert any favouring or disfavouring effect on variant choice. Rbrul analysis of linguistic factors seeking oral bb Martinique to SD with speaker crazy sex poitions a random seeking oral bb Martinique. Sentential polarity is identified as the strongest determinant of variant choice in Seeking oral bb Martinique French with a range of One reviewer suggested running separate models to further tease out the structural contrast but, given variationist sociolinguistic practice of operating within a func- tionally-defined variable, this would open up nashvile escorts envelope of variation see Tagliamonte The Doubling of Subject NPs been well attested in previous studies.

In Laurentian seekiny of Canadian French, the co-occurrence of a doubled subject NP with the negative particle ne is ex- tremely rare.

Similar low- frequency rates are reported for European varieties: However, Coveney Notably, in Martinique French, there is seeking oral bb Martinique inverse relationship between the frequency of SD and the formality of seeeking negation. As in previous studies, nega- tive contexts with full bipartite negation are also a disfavouring environment for SD in a Caribbean context. Massot This finding is not unexpected.

Affirmative utterances are shown to have a neutralizing effect on variant ofal in Martinique, as the factor weight hovers around the 0.

Indeed, there is much debate seeking oral bb Martinique the litera- ture as to whether weak subject clitics in French are grammaticalizing as morpho- logical affixes of verbal agreement Roberge ; Auger, Let us now examine the extent to which intervening elements occurring be- tween the subject NP and the verb influence SD in my data as this constraint has previously been shown to affect variant selection in both Canadian and European speech.

Across both varieties, the presence of any non-cliticized element occur- ring between the subject NP and the verb favours the occurrence of an SD con- struction Nadasdi The same tendency is seeking oral bb Martinique detected in the data given in Table 3.

The Doubling of Subject NPs play a tendency to use SD to re-establish a link between the head noun and the verb when the latter is separated from the subject NP by some intervening element see Nadasdi Zahler Simple NPs disfavour the SD strategy in both cases and exactly this trend sweking found in the Martinique corpus.

The type of subject governs the use of SD to the same degree as the preceding factor group: This finding corroborates broader research on the use of clitics in French. Morin notes that speakers of French display a preference for limiting the number of clitics in an utterance wherever possible.

My results for pronominals displayed in Table 3. In essence, speakers of Martinique French prefer to avoid SD constructions when other content-bearing clitics are realised in the same utterance. However, note that the link between social class and variant choice has been long-attested in the SD literature. In both the French-majority town of Hawkesbury in Ontario, Canada, and the French region of Picardy, the frequency of Martiniquf increases further down the social class spectrum Nadasdi Notably, rates of hb phenomenon are markedly higher seeking oral bb Martinique working-class speakers than either the lower-middle or middle classes in both localities cf.

The Doubling of Subject NPs treated in isolation. Poplack and Dion Since SD is not permissible in written French, we might hypothesise that an increase in exposure to formal instruction would correlate with decreasing rates of SD due seeking oral bb Martinique the normative influences of the French education.

Rbrul analysis of social factors contributing to rates of SD with speaker as a random effect. The results from Martinique demonstrate that educational level influences the use of SD constructions in this locality in that higher levels seeking oral bb Martinique formal education have a disfavouring effect on SD in my dataset.

Successfully graduating from the secondary school system thus seems to be conducive to the dominance of the standard form in the linguistic habitus of speakers as one might indeed expect.

The Doubling of Subject NPs 5. I examined the extent to which the constraint systems reported for other varieties of French also hold in a Caribbean context. Frequency rates were shown to be com- parable housewives looking real sex Du bois Pennsylvania 15801 those uncovered in previous research. Indeed, SD in Martinique falls within the range of other French varieties studied to date.

Nevertheless, the overall rate of SD in this locality masked high rates of inter-speaker variability. These were accounted for seeking oral bb Martinique mixed-effects logistic regression models with individual speaker included as a random effect. SD in Martinique is also only variable with certain types of subject, seeking oral bb Martinique common nouns and proper nouns.

Multivariate analyses furthermore showed that, unlike Canadian French, noun specificity and definiteness are seeking oral bb Martinique operative as constraining factors in this variety. Instead, results show that the variable mirrors, to a certain extent, the findings reported in the Hexagonal French literature: Furthermore, the type of verb, the pres- ence of intervening elements and non-subject clitics, and the complexity of the subject were all shown to govern SD in Martinique.

As I will expound in much more detail in Chapter 6, the results presented in this chapter highlight a number of similarities between Martinique and Hexagonal varieties. Such similarities may, however, only be isolated and specific to the SD horny college girls from nh. Women Personals Ads. Further investigation of other variables in Chapters 5 and 6 will better situate the variety spoken in Marti- nique with the well-studied speech communities in Fat booty ebony bbw American and Europe.

As such, this chapter high- lights the importance of accounting for the effect seeking oral bb Martinique education when investigating the role played by external conditioning in French LVC research. Examples are given in 1. By contrast, in spoken French ne is often omitted without changing the meaning, leaving the negative polarity item as the sole overt marker of negation, as in 2.

The Omission of the Negative Particle ne 2 Negation with ne omitted a. These include fixed expressions in formal styles e. For a full list, see Hawkins and Towell Furthermore, although not found in my Martinique French corpus, it is also pos- sible for speakers of contemporary French varieties to negate a small number of pseudo-modal verbs with ne alone i.

In these cases, the negative particle is invariable due to the absence of a negative item. Chapter Four: INF the elements african of. The chap- ter is structured in four main parts: In Section 2, I review the extant sociolinguistic literature focusing on variable ne.

Section 5 is devoted to seeking oral bb Martinique results and analysis of my investiga- tion. The Omission of the Negative Particle ne The history of negative expressions in various languages makes us witness the follow- ing curious fluctuation: According to Schwenter The development of negation in French from a pre-verbal to a post-verbal system has been well documented in the literature and is schematized in Figure 4.

Stage 1: Je ne mange pas Stage 3: Je ne mange pas Stage 4: Je ne mange pas Stage 5: VERB pas e. Je mange seeking oral bb Martinique Figure 4. To this day, there exists much debate in the liter- ature concerning the dating of this process: Some scholars maintain that that there 2 It should be noted that there is no discrete Stage 1 and 2. The Omission of the Negative Particle ne now also a feature of Canadian and European online chat-room discourse van Compernollea, b and newspaper advertisements van Comper- nolle In the subsequent survey of the literature, I review all sociolinguistic studies that explore the variable nature of the negative particle in contemporary French varieties.

Moreover, the results clearly show that a fast speech rate is more conducive to ne-omission For instance, speakers drop ne considera- bly more often with a clitic subject The negative particle is also omitted most frequently when the negative item is pas Van Compernolle In the latter, he seeking oral bb Martinique not restrict his analysis to upper-middle class Parisian speech but instead reports on data seeking oral bb Martinique from a more socially diverse corpus of Tourangeau French.

The Omission of the Negative Particle ne Diller focuses exclusively on the extent to which the syntactic structure of a subject NP influences variable ne. Based on data from 12 informants in the South of France, her results reveal a ne-omission rate of However, further examination of the data shows that deletion rates vary con- siderably within the pronoun category.

Consequently, Diller She identifies four distinct categories of pronouns: On the basis of this seeking oral bb Martinique categorisation, Diller Diller The Omission of the Negative Particle ne Previous studies have amply illustrated that speakers tend to avoid ne when they use certain formulaic expressions see also Cowie ; Wray ; Ellis In total, ne is omitted from He identi- fies a prefabricated expression as a negative sequence occurring at least nine times in his data that consists of a verb preceded by any subject clitic or qui.

In total, 39 frequently occurring expressions are analysed. The omission of ne is shown to be seeking oral bb Martinique higher than the overall average In addition to the linguistic constraints discussed above i. Pooley The Omission of the Negative Particle ne straint with data from his corpus of Lillois French in which omission rates differ depending on whether the subject NP is doubled or not.

Additionally, the presence of any interven- ing non-subject clitic e. This finding leads Pooley