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Genre: Games
Release Date: August 17, 2016

Royal Voyage brings players a world where three forces(European Fleet, East Dynasty, Caribbean)are seeking for hegemony in seas and oceans. Players will divide the world again and fight for their territories.

**Game Features**
[Multiplayer Duel on Same Screen.]
Guild Harbor Battle is the most thrilling event in Royal Voyage. Hundreds of players from all over the world are able to duel with each other on the same screen. It is a rivalry of force and wisdom!

[Run Business around the World.]
Trading is one of the most distinctive systems in Royal Voyage. Players can buy goods from any harbor in the world and then sell them at higher prices in another place. Reasonably make plans to run business and allocate superior resources from areas. You will become billionaires one day!

[Assemble legendary captains to start off the adventure.]
It's time to set your captains, set up your fleet! A captain’s stats include Strength, Leadership, Knowledge and Charm. And each captain has 4 skills, including Artillery, Leadership, Seacraft and Expansion.You are the only dominator of your territorial waters!

[Cool ship cover, shinning your eyes!]
You can select different kind of ship covers in game, and become the brightest ship in the sea. You should be the most special one and you must be!

[Super welfare, go sail together!]
After you login the game, you will get large amount of gifts everyday. Lots of Treasures in the sea are also waiting for you to find!

A new round of sea battles has started. Occupy harbors for your guild and fight for hegemony on the sea. The unknown adventure is waiting for you.

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