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One Room Schoolhouse Inc - Puzzlin' Pieces: USA artwork Puzzlin’ Pieces: USA
One Room Schoolhouse Inc
Genre: Games
Price: $1.99
Release Date: August 9, 2014

Puzzlin’ Pieces: USA is a U.S. State geography puzzle game that is fun for all ages!

With two different game modes and three levels of difficulty, Puzzlin’ Pieces: USA provides opportunities to learn and play for a variety of ages and abilities. The beginner levels introduce the countries or their capitals to the player and useful hot/cold clues help in finding the location for each piece. However, as the game gets harder, players will receive fewer clues.

If the player is quick enough, they will earn a silver star. Collect all 50 to reach the high score. Players can attempt to break their previous records and see which states (or capitals) had the fastest and slowest times: a great opportunity to see which states you’ve mastered and which ones need some more work.

Puzzlin Pieces: USA utilizes a very simple and intuitive interface so children of all ages can play and learn!

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