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Genre: Games
Price: $0.99
Release Date: December 22, 2011

Objective :

The objective of this game is to help learn to identify different flowers that are generally available everywhere and surrounding us in nature.
Scope :
Children in the age Group : 1 to 8 years
Description :

This game has 20 different images of flowers which are to be identified Here an image of a flower would be displayed on the screen and user has to identify the same. Giving correct answer would reward the user with 1 point. Two chances would be given to identify the image correctly. At first attempt, if wrong answer is given then a message such as "Try Again" would be displayed, also hint will be displayed at bottom of screen and at second wrong attempt the question would be skipped and user would be awarded 0 point for that question. If user does not know the answer then there is an option to skip the question which would result in 0 point for that question. At the end the total score would be displayed which would be out of 20. The idea is that the child should make efforts time and again to figure out the correct answer which aids the learning process.
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