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Genre: Finance
Release Date: February 17, 2011

* Awesome Money Management budget app for your phone or tablet
* Top Finance App for both iPhone & iPad
* Named best app for “Over Spenders” by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance
* Import your bank and credit card accounts and track your spending within Mvelopes
* Get real-time budgeting updates when you make a purchase

Easy to Get Started:
Start today by downloading the Mvelopes Budget App, setting up a free account, adding your financial institutions and coming up with a budget that will keep you on the path to financial wellness. Create, budget, fund and track your daily spending with your weekly or monthly budget at your fingertips inside the Mvelopes Budget App. Mvelopes uses an envelope budgeting template to help you plan and track your household or personal budget. You can assign and manage your budget, as well as receive feedback on where you have spent your money and how much you have remaining.

Get The Most Out Of Your Money
Use the Mvelopes Budget App to help make more informed budget decisions and future plans. Track your bank accounts and credit card balances alongside your budget to help pay off your debt and increase savings faster. Create a financial plan for the future and make it happen.
Save time with the Mvelopes Budget App and its access to over 20,000 financial institutions, so you can focus on managing finances and not entering transactions. Be secure with in-app security settings, a four-digit PIN or your Mvelopes username and password.

Mvelopes Features:
Easily access or adjust your budget on the go
Categorized spending helps you make informed decisions when you shop
Capture receipts from your phone and attach them to transactions
Inbox-style transactions makes it easy to stay on top of your budget every day
All-in-one accounts screen lets you view your checking, savings and credit card balances in one place
Assign transactions to envelope categories, including splitting individual transactions into separate categories
Complete, real-time synchronization with the Mvelopes web app at
Money saving tips ebooks and videos inside the app
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