Line Defense – Legal Radiation Team

Legal Radiation Team - Line Defense artwork Line Defense
Legal Radiation Team
Genre: Games
Release Date: August 31, 2016

Mayday! Alien Invasion: New York, Paris, Moscow, London, Kairo, Beijing, Athens, Dubai. The alien menace strikes without remorse. Starting from major cities of the world, they will reach yours as well. Missiles, bombs, asteroids, alien ships, motherships and more! You are in a position, just with your finger, to protect the earth in this very simple, yet fun and addictive game!

Line Defense offers a simple but extremely challenging game experience, with arcade gameplay that mixes elements inspired from games like Fruit Ninja, Arkanoid and Missile Command. The game is designed both for casual players and hardcore gamers alike.

• Simple one finger swipe control
• Unique bonuses, power-ups, bosses & Motherships
• Collect crystals and get special upgrades for your line (cannons, radar, shield power etc.)
• 10 colorful maps & Endless mode
• Amazing original soundtrack with dynamic in-game music.
• Easy to play – no tutorial needed!
• Includes 30+ achievements
• Game Center Leaderboards Support.

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