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HeavyLifters Network Ltd. - King Pin Bowl Bowling artwork King Pin Bowl Bowling
HeavyLifters Network Ltd.
Genre: Games
Price: $1.99
Release Date: January 22, 2009

There's a new king of bowling on the App Store! HeavyLifters Network's King Pin Bowling brings a whole new level of interactive fun.

Designed with the help of a PhD in mathematics for lifelike interaction, you can swing your arm in an exact true bowling motion where you can add real spin, speed, and curve to your ball! That's right! Swing your arm and phone in a life-like bowling motion and leverage the accelerometers capabilities to detect spin when you twist your wrist.

King Pin Bowling has stunningly realistic graphics, physics and play that allows up to 4 players at a time for ten frames of bowling excitement. So its fun for the whole family!

Who among you will wear the crown? Download and bowl your way to destiny!

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