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Release Date: August 24, 2016

Inside our app you'll find 80 seasonal vegetarian recipes, each accompanied by inspirational photography and easy to follow step by step instructions.

We, Susann and Yannic, founded Krautkopf to share what is bubbling in our pots and shared over our kitchen table from one day to the next.

Our focus from the beginning has been on fresh, seasonal dishes inspired by the produce at our local farmers markets.

This focus only grew stronger, after we discovered Susann's intolerance to lactose. Inevitably, this lead to us look closely at nutrition and at the food we put in our bodies.

We avoid refined sugar,but still love sweet treats. In our recipes you'll find natural sweeteners such as honey, rice syrup and coconut blossom sugar, which have a higher nutritional value.

A lot of our recipes are also gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan.

We believe food should not only be something that fills us up, but should also be good for us and make us happy. Since this differs from one person to the next, you should see our recipes as ideas, which you are free to alter and adapt according to your taste. Be inspired and have fun enjoying them together – as a couple or with friends. Because cooking and eating not only stirs the senses, but brings people together.

With that said we'd like to share a little tour of what a typical day of using the Krautkopf app looks like.

The journey starts on your iPhone or iPad where you can browse the recipes by season, course, ingredient or diet.

Tap in to a recipe to see a list of the ingredients and uncheck any you already have in your pantry. For everything else, tap to add it to your shopping list.

Your shopping list is organised by aisle, making browsing the store easy. You can also add any of your own items you wish to shop for.

Once you have your ingredients, follow the step by step instructions, tapping to mark each step as complete as you go along.

You can add your own notes to recipes, add recipes to your favourites list and share recipes with friends.

If you're eating with friends, the Krautkopf app helps you plan your dinner party menu. Simply add your starters, mains and desserts, adjust how many people you are cooking for and create your shopping list.

Features of the Krautkopf app:
• 80 seasonal vegetarian recipes
• Most of the recipes are unique to this app
• Browse by season, ingredient, diet (vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free) and course (starters, mains, desserts)
• Swipe between recipes to browse like a cookbook
• Shopping list organised by aisle which works on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
• Add recipes to your favorites list
• Add notes to recipes
• Switch between metric, imperial and U.S. measurements
• Step-by-step instructions you can check off as you cook
• Share recipes and shopping list with friends
• We'll be adding additional recipes in future releases

We hope you enjoy the app and invite you to stay in touch with us:

Thank you,

Susann and Yannic
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