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Shuhji Kaya - Dark Time of Money artwork Dark Time of Money
Shuhji Kaya
Genre: Finance
Price: $0.99
Release Date: August 20, 2013

Repeating a similar calculation is sometimes necessary. Full number input again and again is a nuisance. Don't you think it's better if the calculation result comes only by different point correction? This application fulfills it.
This application is a Compound(Time Vaule of Money) and Simple interest calculator(Savings/Loan etc. – same kind calculation as [FV][PV][PMT][I%][N] key on financial calculator).

Not all calculation finishes with getting the result. You often have the demand such as follows.
・To get results when the input is different. And the results of more various inputs.
・To get the input of the adjusted result.
This application watches a touch action to display number itself and does numerical value correction or input.
It makes simpler and easier the operation (correction, recomputation) like above cases.

・Color-coded Compound/Simple interest 3 sheets, % 1 sheet and total 1 sheet (2 items) are equipped.
・The touch action direct to the digit you want to change, makes numerical input or modify. It automatically calculates the results.
・Numeric input from the keyboard is equipped.
・Copy / paste function of a sheet or each numeric.
・Selectable label from 8 type. (Compound/Simple interest sheet only)
・2 memory
・Configurable rounding location. Classified money/rate/amount.
・Selectable decimal point/separator(5) and separator position(4), and numeric(18 or 19(iOS8)).
・Landscape mode display (iPhone/iPod touch: one numeric enlargement / iPad: split screen)
・iPhone/iPod touch: 10-digit display / iPad: 14-digit display
・Internal calculation operations: 16-digit decimal(Not binary floating/double) or fraction. (For error minimising)
・Multitask (for i-Pad) and Handoff (2 units or more) of iOS are available.

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