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Genre: Finance
Price: $1.99
Release Date: January 17, 2012

Fuel monitor, fuel economy calculator and car costs tracker
Fuel consumption- and cost-control the easy way!

-) Optimized for iPad
-) Supports multiple cars with gas (benzine), diesel or bi-fuel (LPG+gas) engines
-) Easy and flexible logging of refuelings, expenses, repairs and incomings
-) Custom cost types
-) Cost types are assigned to 8 groups to offer an unique cost overview
-) PAYMENT SCHEDULES for periodic expenses (automated entries)
-) Multiple units: miles, kilometers; gallons (US or UK), litres; mpg, km/l, l/100km; over 100 currencies (EUR, USD, GBP, CHF and many more)
-) Extensive and nevertheless clearly statistics: fuel economy, distance, fuel data and expenses
-) Cost statistic: monthly, yearly and total amounts of cost types and cost groups
-) Output of running and total costs
-) 8 informative and functional fuel consumption- and cost charts
-) Data export in CSV format per Email attachment (for processing in Excel)
-) Data import per Email attachment (CSV format)
-) Full database backup and restore


Logging of refuelings:
-) Input of total distance (odometer reading) or travel distance (since last fill up)
-) Input of quantity+total costs, quantity+unit price or total costs+unit price
-) Partial refueling is supported
-) Logging of fuel station
-) Logging of motorway/city/road percentage
-) Notes

Logging of expenses/incomings:
-) Unlimited number of user-defined expense/incomings types
-) 9 cost groups for summarizing similar cost types: fuel, credit/leasing, taxes/charges, assurances, repair/maintenance, cleaning/caring, accessories/tuning, other, incomings
-) Payment schedules: yearly, quarterly, monthly or weekly, day/weekday/month and amount of automated entries are selectable
-) Notes

-) Fuel economy with tendency, fuel costs separated by fuel sort
-) Total, monthly and yearly distance with road type percentage
-) Refueling: minimal, maximal and average of fuel economy, estimated range, quantity, distance, interval (days), costs and fuel price
-) Number of fuel stops and average fuel price for each fuel station
-) Cost types and expense groups: costs per distance unit, costs per month or per year (selectable) and total for each item
-) Car and/or period selectable

-) Charts: fuel economy, estimated range, total monthly costs (all expenses), monthly fuel costs, cost development (costs per usage time), cost structure (expense groups %), odometer reading, fuel price
-) Car and/or period selectable
-) See details by tapping on data points

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