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Say Eight
Genre: Games
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Release Date: February 16, 2009

BINARY GAME 2.2 IS HERE with Retina Display Support!

Get it while it's hot!

– One of the BEST reflex, puzzle, smart games on the app store!

– Simple, Intuitive and Highly Addictive Gameplay. Easy to learn & pick up!

– Improve your reflexes and keep your mind sharp with this fast paced fun puzzle game!

– Awesome ONLINE leader boards to keep track of all your scores.

– Compete against friends or the World. Facebook Enabled!

Game Play & How To Play:

Flip switches ON or OFF and match the number you are show at the beginning of each round. Sound simple enough? To flip switches ON or OFF tap or slide/swipe your finger across the switches

Scoring is based on speed and accuracy.

– Playing Challenge Mode: Gain points by quickly completing rounds and levels. Complete 5 rounds in succession before the time runs out to get to the next level. Scoring is based on how fast you complete each round and level.

– Playing Speed Mode: This extremely competitive mode requires you to get through 15 continuous rounds as quickly as possible. The amount of time it takes you to complete all the rounds is your score. How will you rank against the world?

– Playing Daily Mode: Our Most Competitive Mode! Plays like Speed Mode but with a catch. You can ONLY play once daily. One shot to get the best time possible! Complete against everyone else who plays and see who the best player is, when it counts! Note: Once you tap 'OK, Let me play' you CANNOT restart or play again until the next day!

– Practice Mode: Learn patterns and get used to the easy combinations of switches.

Online Global & Facebook Scoring:
Local/Online Scoring: Have you made the top 10 Daily B1nary Game online lists? How about the top 100 All-Time list?

Binary Game is now FACEBOOK CONNECT ENABLED! Compete against your facebook friends!

Viewing High Scores!!

Within the game click "Global Scores" from the "View High Scores" menu.

Web: Visit – or Facebook:

WEB REVIEWS: – "You will find yourself hopelessly tapping switches long into the night, checking to see if you made the Top 10 of the Day or the Top 100 of All Time scores" – "It’s remarkably simple and I’m already kicking myself for not thinking it up."

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