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Wiley Publishing - 4-Player Model Mini-Assessment artwork 4-Player Model Mini-Assessment
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Genre: Business
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Release Date: April 19, 2012

This behavioral assessment tool allows you to identify the behavioral stance you use most often when interacting with others. These “Action Modes” (Mover, Follower, Opposer, and Bystander) together with Kantor’s theory of structural dynamics help capture the structure of every human interaction, no matter how complex or distinct. This app will identify your most common Action Modes, assess whether you are “strong,” “weak,” or “stuck” in each, and then provide a personalized report that includes guidance on how to improve your interactions, leverage your strengths and limit your weaknesses.

Features include: an assessment with real-time scoring, a personalized report that can be sent via email, an Action Modes FAQ, and the ability to share the app via social media.

This assessment is based on research by renowned systems psychologist, organizational consultant, and clinical researcher, David Kantor, Ph.D., who is the author of the book, Reading the Room: Group Dynamics for Coaches and Leaders.
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